Doupo Cangqiong - Fights Break Sphere
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Doupo Cangqiong

Story (9/10):

I think about the story of Read Doupo Cangqiong Manga to be cliche, but excellent. The story has it's significant parts and adds around the comedic relief. Yao Xian most of your character, used to be a pro 36 months prior to the start of the manhua. From til and then now he loses his qi or he's depleted of his qi. This makes people since in the world he lives in bully the once unique Yao Xian thinks the weak can only live in the impulse of the strong. That is exactly about a boy that learned a harsh but significant need, an invaluable training for someone to cultivate. The engagement of new figures, where clearly defines each one of them, every talk exists with the function to share rather than to expand, along with the forces the hero finds after a while by is met with hard training and challenging lessons, perhaps this hero is a genius.

It follows the ranking of power well. Who is stronger and who's not. Often, I am disappointed by the always existent came-from-the-useless routine just to make the story/encounter/battle-world interesting. As expressed from the growing of the battle a close contact with explanation along with the limitations of body.

Art (9/10):

The artwork may seem only a little outdated within the first 1-2 chapters however when part 3 begins the artwork is muchhh better and continues in this way. Also, it's in-color which many manhuas have, making it so far better.

Characters (10/10):

I really like the people within this manhua. The main character particularly, he's not your usually main character. He is a figure that forgives those individuals who have pain him before even though these were super dicks. Oh man, you will love it. Furthermore, he is a character ready to struggle towards the death and does not permit disrespect towards his group. The villians, i think they're great.

Satisfaction (10/10):

I love reading Doupo Cangqiong manhua a whole lot, I check websites everyday to determine if your new converted page is out. Anything about that manhua makes me to continue reading bad. I mean i've also asked my friends whenever they can read chinese, in order that they can show me for this manhua(to catch up for the latest chapters).

General (10/10): This manhua is a superb read and you should read it least read the first 5 chapters right now to judge it. the story is unique and it's really enjoyable but the character's has flaws so that is a minus but the art is really beautiful and detailed so that's a plus and at least we have the enjoyment and that's a big plus in overall. If you're manhua fan and like to read manga online free so give it a try.