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Cohabitation manga
Cohabitation manga

When I first started reading Cohabitation manga aka Trace manhwa i thought the story concept was very interesting, especially the idea of traces and troubles. i especially liked the backstory of one of the main characters, the working man. the presentation of this manhwa is very original, as the next chapter frequently repeats the past events in panels. you mainly need to read from the top to the bottom, sometimes left to right but there is not a lot of need to read left to right. in this internet age, it's easy to simply scroll down.

however, what made me turn down this Trace manhwa was the art. yes, the art does not make up 100% of the story. heck, claymore's art was not really that impressive and i would admit that it is difficult to read claymore from the beginning at first. however, the story kept me going. well, in trace, the art annoyed me immensely. especially the eyes and the extremely poor choice of color schemes. in the second arc or so, almost all of new characters have the same colored clothing. for example, a guy would have blue hair and blue clothes. there is not a lot of variety in color, and i believe that annoyed me the most.

as for the characters, they are fairly good. however, the artist apparently tried too much to include humor in the form of chibis at random times. there's not many characters that i particularly like or can relate to. the only character that i would consider my favorite is jin, and that is only because he did have believable character development. i also liked the security guy.

so yes, at the beginning i enjoyed this story. but towards reading Trace to the middle I started to not enjoy it as much because of the visuals. oh yes, did i mention that trace was 100% colored? i would very much prefer that it be black and white to avoid terrible color choices. sorry if my review seems bitter, but this is what i firmly believe about this manhwa. it has the right concept and interesting presentation that works well, but it could have been drawn better and developed characters well.

over al i must give this manhwa a 10 due to it's great plot line , twists and characters, I never really get influenced by stories that easily but this one reached a soft spot in my heart so much that when i reached the rose arc i felt like i was breaking a part , oh and one last thing although it may seem that this is one of these episodic stories where good fights evil until a plot appear i have to disagree it had a plot from the very start and as the story develops the plot gets darker and more serious and it gets even more enjoyable at the same time. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes Read Manga.