Yomeiro Choice Manga - What if you could turn back time and choose the one you love?


Time travel is just one of my favourite Scifi sub genres, yet there are lots of different versions of it. However in the end none of that actually matters, because whine about the use of science theorems, ecchi, in a fair harem, romcom. And Yomeiro Choice Manga is the best version of time travel that I've ever read! I have to say it's amazing manga. Let's start with the storyline of it.

Just like in just about any harem, there must be a protagonist and it comes in the kind of Saku Sakuraga. He dwells alone, although all Japanese lads allegedly do, but is never given a moment's piece, thanks to his cousin's unexpected entrance and his childhood buddy's continuous meddling. Like I mentioned before and well that is it for the fundamental assumption, the time travel aspect only plays second fiddle, making this into another implausible storyline where some hapless man has to decide between multiple daughters. Yet the reasoning behind it all is farfetched. When it comes to construction of the narrative, it is just what you'd expect, with each chapter having a character or subject focus, to provide chances for some comic relief but never actually doing much to improve the storyline. Ecchi and the humor mainly come from the many times the daughters powerfully attempt to get involved, bringing their future technology in their shenanigans, but it is only a couple of jokes that are uncreative that got old in the days of Tenchi Muyo & Love Hina.

About the artwork of Yomeiro Choice. What can I say, It's not unique and you can see the characters in this manga look familar to many ecchi manga. In the end the artwork of the manga was a bit better, for me only, I don't care much about the art. I only care about the characters, their story. The art for me is fine.

The characters are simplistic. They're essentially just cardboard cutouts of that which we're used to by today. So there is nothing to the characters, but then you definitely will get an assortment of them to pick from should you love your characters simplistic. Yet they look to lack any depth that'll force you to care about them and by the time the mangaka attempts to give depth to them, it feels like it is too late.

I recall that one episode of Futurama when Fry met with his accident prone Grandpa, in days gone by and takes it upon himself to make certain that his Grandparents hook up. It is this sort of messed but sadly it is not any way near as amusing. Surely this manga does have some truly funny moments, however they actually do not occur frequently enough, to completely redeem its shamelessness. If you wanna some relaxing time with some Free Manga then I recommend this!