Hajime no Ippo manga - Top Sport Manga about Boxing


Ever considered reading a great sports manga which combines amount and quality? You want something to dive and feel into? Subsequently Hajime no Ippo is the greatest manga for you.

It could be that you found the Ippo anime and aren't certain whether to begin reading the manga or not because of the enormous quantity of chapters (1000 ). Well, it is certainly worth the time. But let us review this manga like you had no knowledge of it.

The narrative commences quite straightforward, a lad named Makunouchi Ippo is becoming intimidated and he starts with boxing under the quite severe trainer Kamogawa Genji, an old but quite seasoned guy to develop more powerful.

Seems fairly easy and you also may believe it would get repetitive after over 1000 chapters, but it does not.

Where the narrative beams is that it unites subplots and multiple genres into one enormous on-going storyline. Accumulation and pacing are very well managed, you do not even find little time skips.

Everything is linked to every other so you frequently see friends/former adversaries appearing in the narrative after their fight together with the key cast either for humor or storyline goals. So it is no "enemy appears-loses-next enemy unexpectedly appears" pattern, it is coped with great story telling, accumulation and characterization abilities. The insane thing is the fact that you won't know who wins which is a continuous phrase in the narrative ("you never know what can occur in boxing"). It is not uncommon in this show to cheer for the "enemy", for the reason that they are do nicely composed.


Now, you must contemplate this manga began it is serialization in '89, thus do not expect much in the first hundred chapters.

I need to confess, when I first encountered this show, I did not enjoy the artwork but that was because I was used to the common shonen artwork fashion which does not need time to adjust to.

This artwork is truly amazing. You've got excellent double pages of either the park with all the heavens where Ippo & co. are constantly jogging or larger-than-life boxing matches with absolutely drawn shadows and movements; even the faces of the bunch have emotions drawn into them. It's possible for you to tell from this description that this really is brought with lots of of love and fire. General world building and character designs are quite retro but it's fitting and extremely trendy. I could not picture Ippo with smartphones and flat screens.

It remains retro by having rigorous panel edges, not like most new manga where you must learn what is really drawn there with characters out of their screwed up panels. Although the artwork seems straightforward but is drawn with plenty of love for detail.


"Ippo"'s characters are really so unique within their individual manner. No fight is arbitrary because we get characterization and launch of new adversaries to an extent that you just sympathize with their drive to win which finishes in rather spectacular and breathtaking matches.

Some early defeated characters appear later on in the narrative where we get to see their boxing profession unfolds which frequently crosses with other former introduced characters.


It actually never gets dull. Between the fights that are serious you've got light hearted, inspirational or humorous moments and detours from boxing like baseball or cooking matches - always finishing in a way that is hilarious or gaining to additional occasions. Even our beloved Ippo has a genuinely amusing and adorable "love" which is frequently held back by a particular someone or other events, but always extremely amusing and adorable. You'll cheer for Ippo to be confident with girls and strong minded as he's haha, in the boxing ring. You'll have read 30 chapters before you seen when you are into a exciting match. The pacing slows down unexpectedly during fights to extensively learn more about how the opponents are fighting a great point plus which actually is essential.

It really never stops to amaze me how nicely the mangaka George Morikawa joins strategies or boxing punches with each character's style.

You do not even need to enjoy sports or boxing, this Manga Reader is so humorous, inspirational and thrilling.